I am currently persuing a degree in Elementary Education and I wanted to share some of my homework with The Deal Is group!  This is a summary I had to write regarding a webpage I critiqued and summarized about Abraham Lincoln…

The article is about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln who was shot in the back of the head while at a theater in 1865.  Initially, there was a plan to kidnap Mr. Lincoln, a plan that was devised by John Wilkes Booth.  The plan was to use Mr. Lincoln and two other high profile officials as leverage to free the confederate prisoners of war.  For some unclear reason the kidnapping turned into a triple murder attempt of which only Mr. Lincoln died.  The two co-conspirators George Atzerodt and Lewis Powell surrender to the authorities.  However, Booth and his friend David Herold hid away for twelve days until they were found.  At which time Herold surrenders and Booth is shot as the building he is in burns to the ground.  The living assassins and co-conspirators were later hanged.


The webpage does a nice job of illustrating what happened the night of Mr. Lincoln’s death and why it happened.  Although I think they could have been more specific as to how this plan turned from a simple kidnapping to a mass murder attempt, there are no supporting statements in the article as to why that occurred.  The article also talks about a friend of Mr. Booth’s being with him as he fled the scene but they do not state the significance of this friend or what his place is in the story-why was he with Mr. Booth?  Why did he flee with Mr. Booth?


The timeline made mention of a military commission a term with which I was not previously familiar.  I now know what it means and by what I’ve read online regarding military commissions the use of such commissions is controversial today and has been since the 19th century.  The timeline at the bottom of the page is helpful in picking out events of a specific time as opposed to finding that information in the aforementioned text.  However, I noticed that the timeline events were not all included in the article and I found that interesting.