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Papa John’s Pizza Sucks

notopapajohnsWe have been ordering from Papa John’s Pizza for over a couple of years now.  I order from them online almost everytime.  I use my online account when I am visiting relatives and they want to order pizzas and I also use my Papa John’s online account when ordering for my office in Tacoma.  I would say over the 4 locations that I regularly order from I have probably ordered from Papa John’s about 100-150 times in the past 2 years. Our average order is about $30.00.  We usually order two large pizzas with extra cheese and the other toppings vary.  Lately, we have also been adding a chocolate chip cookie pizza with our order, we really have enjoyed Papa John’s pizza.  Our family is very busy and we order pizza at least once if not twice a week.  I would estimate our total orders from our house, my two relatives homes, and my office total approximately $4500.00 that’s about $2250.00 in gross profits to Papa John Schnatter’s Pizza establishment.  We also order from Pizza Hut and a local pizza carrier Steph’s Pizza but the totals I previously stated were not including these other pizza company orders.  Just think Papa John’s could potentially have even more of our business if they could convince us through their customer service efforts that they value their customers.

papjohnscustomerserviceUnfortunately, this was not the case this evening.  we ordered online AGAIN and I entered all of the info for our order.  Apparently, I forgot to save one of the changes I made on one of our pizzas prior to going to the shopping cart.  Instead of getting a large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and sausage on half of it like we had asked we ended up with a stock pepperoni pizza, not even extra cheese on it, and it was cold when it got here.  I immediately called the local Papa John’s restaurant that we had ordered from and the gentleman that answered this evening at about 8pm told me that they made the pizza the way that it came through the online order.  I explained to him that it was not what I had entered on the website and he advised me that I call the online ordering customer service line at 1-877-542-7272.  I did this and spoke to a rep that told me the order was sent to the restaurant the way that it was entered, she offered the idea that perhaps I had made some changes to a “quick pick” item and then failed to save the changes.  I admitted that I had used a “quick pick” selection and then “modified” it, she confirmed that I may not have saved it, I agreed that was probably what had occurred but that the system did allow me to go straight to check out without saving.  I suggested to her that the system wasn’t as user friendly as it could be since it allowed me to continue without prompting me to save my changes.  The system is somewhat flawed in that respect although I admit I did not notice the save button.  I asked her if anything could be done to compensate us since now my family was being forced to eat a pizza that they didn’t want.  I told her that I have ordered from Papa John’s many times in the past and have never encountered this phenomenon with the save button.  She just kept repeating the same thing to me that it was not a restaurant error nor was it an error on the website’s part, she said that it was “user error.”  I agreed with her that I had made that mistake but that in the spirit of customer service something should be done to compensate me for the inconvenience as well as the fact that the pizza that was delivered to me did not even have extra cheese on it.  She offered to place a formal complaint to the restaurant about the extra chees missing, but I felt she had a tone in her voice that sounded like, “Oh my God you’re complaining about extra cheese?”  I told her to please file that complaint and that I would call my local Papa John’s restaurant in the morning to speak to the manager.  She discouraged me from doing so by saying, “Well, they are just going to tell you the same thing that I did, that it was a user error and not an error on the website or the restaurant.”  Again, there was a tone in her voice as if what she had really said to me was, “Look lady, I told you that it was your fault and the restaurant is not going to do anything for you because you screwed up.”  She may be right, Papa John’s may not do anything to make this right, the best the local guy wanted to do tonite is send me the pizza I wanted for a “discount”.  That is NOT good enough.  If John Schnatter has his employees being trained to not so much as apologize for a customer’s inconvenience (which by the way neither rep did offer me an apology) then I don’t foresee any future pizza dollars flying out of my wallet and into Papa John’s pockets.  We even gave the driver a $5.00 tip, can we at least get our tip back since the pizza wasn’t right?  Maybe if we pooled our tip with the “discount” the restaurant offered us on the right pizza maybe then it would cover the amount of the pizza we actually ordered.  If you live in University Place WA and order pizza I would suggest you DO NOT ORDER FROM Papa John’s.

If you are looking for a good pizza in University Place WA you should try Steph’s Pizza-253-474-4000 or Pizza Hut 253-565-1500

West Coast Vinyl Inc.

A review of west coast vinyl in TacomaWest Coast Vinyl windows in Tacoma, WA is a family owned and operated business that has served Washington and Oregon for over 43 years.  Founded in 1970 by Jim Keirstead, West Coast Vinyl Inc. is a company that truly cares about it’s customers.  With their strong commitment to their slogan “One Time For a Lifetime”, West Coast Vinyl Inc. provides a quality product that will serve your family for generations to come.

We have West Coast Vinyl windows in our home and wanted to do a quick review of this company.  They were installed in the early 1990’s.  We have never had an issue with any of the windows.  No leaks, no fogging, and zero draft.  Vinyl replacement windows and vinyl sliding glass doors can help you save money on your heating and cooling bills by creating an air tight seal between you and the outside elements.

West Coast Vinyl now also offers roofing service in the greater Puget Sound area.  If you are looking to have new energy efficient windows installed into your home or perhaps you need to replace that old wood siding that you are tired of having to repaint, then West Coast Vinyl Inc. is the way to go.  They can also install new gutters, and downspouts for you.

The company currently is run by Jim’s two sons Jamie and Steve Keirstead.  I had a chance to talk to Steve Keirstead today and learn a little more about the company.  These boys have grown up in the company.  Steve started out working in the factory when he was 16 years old building windows.  Jim made sure that Steve and Jamie were exposed to every aspect of the company, both boys rode together in Jamie’s car before Steve was even old enough to drive from neighborhood to neighborhood in Puget Sound knocking on doors and introducing homeowners to West Coast Vinyl and what they had to offer.

Jamie and Steve worked together with other employees and their father to build West Coast Vinyl up to what it is today.  Prior to 1994 Steve worked in the marketing room managing a group of up to 50 marketers he did this for about 8 years.  Jamie would take the contacts that Steve’s group was generating and meet one on one with customers in their homes.   Jamie would perform demonstrations of West Coast Vinyl’s windows capabilities as well as show how they compared to competitor’s products.

The Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act of 1994 initiated a change in the way West Coast Vinyl and many other companies marketed their product to consumers.  It was time to evolve their marketing efforts to include internet advertising in order to stay on the cutting edge of success.  Steve quickly adapted to this change setting up advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft at the time, now known as Bing.  With no formal training, Steve spent many a sleepless night researching internet marketing and search engine optimization in an effort to ensure West Coast Vinyl’s continued success.

Even in times of tumultuous economic turmoil as we are seeing today with many American companies being outsourced to other nations or being forced to close their doors forever due to low profits, West Coast Vinyl stands strong providing it’s customers with more than just home improvements, but with a renewed confidence.  A confidence that the American Dream lives on.  West Coast Vinyl is proof that good old American entrepreneurship, hard work, and determination, along with family and customer loyalty can build a legacy that can serve and sustain for future generations.     

My Homework

I am currently persuing a degree in Elementary Education and I wanted to share some of my homework with The Deal Is group!  This is a summary I had to write regarding a webpage I critiqued and summarized about Abraham Lincoln…

The article is about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln who was shot in the back of the head while at a theater in 1865.  Initially, there was a plan to kidnap Mr. Lincoln, a plan that was devised by John Wilkes Booth.  The plan was to use Mr. Lincoln and two other high profile officials as leverage to free the confederate prisoners of war.  For some unclear reason the kidnapping turned into a triple murder attempt of which only Mr. Lincoln died.  The two co-conspirators George Atzerodt and Lewis Powell surrender to the authorities.  However, Booth and his friend David Herold hid away for twelve days until they were found.  At which time Herold surrenders and Booth is shot as the building he is in burns to the ground.  The living assassins and co-conspirators were later hanged.


The webpage does a nice job of illustrating what happened the night of Mr. Lincoln’s death and why it happened.  Although I think they could have been more specific as to how this plan turned from a simple kidnapping to a mass murder attempt, there are no supporting statements in the article as to why that occurred.  The article also talks about a friend of Mr. Booth’s being with him as he fled the scene but they do not state the significance of this friend or what his place is in the story-why was he with Mr. Booth?  Why did he flee with Mr. Booth?


The timeline made mention of a military commission a term with which I was not previously familiar.  I now know what it means and by what I’ve read online regarding military commissions the use of such commissions is controversial today and has been since the 19th century.  The timeline at the bottom of the page is helpful in picking out events of a specific time as opposed to finding that information in the aforementioned text.  However, I noticed that the timeline events were not all included in the article and I found that interesting.

Car Fire In University Place

carfireupThere was a car fire in University Place, WA this morning around 7:30am. I was driving to my class at the Tacoma Community College when I happened upon this car fire. The fire department was in route and it did not appear anyone was hurt. The driver could not be found and the bystanders were the ones who reported the fire to 911. The car involved was a late model VW Beetle. Looks like it may have been an electrical issue as the fire seemed to be coming from the front end, or perhaps they failed to put oil in it and had an engine fire, something that I will be experiencing soon if I don’t get the Jeep in to be serviced!


Lola is the name and playing around is the game! Lola is now 9 weeks and she really enjoys chewing on her Virbac chews from the vet. You can see her here hangin’ out with her brother Ranger just enjoying her little doggie life.

Apache In the Park

August 4th 2012 – Apache Helicopter takes flight..